TV Remote Control Polydome Button

TV Remote Control Polydome Button

electric switch button


phone keys

the input key of the instrument

facsimile machine, photocopier button...

Product Details

TV Remote Control Polydome Button Product Description

1, film buttons, POLYDOME or keyboard.

2, application fields

2.1 electric switch button

2.2 intercom

2.3 phone keys

2.4 the input key of the instrument

2.5 facsimile machine, photocopier button

2.6 remote-control keys, etc.

What Is A Membrane Switch?

Membrane switches are generally made from five different layers. This includes membrane, graphic, tactile, rigid and static layers. The first layer contains the graphic interface for the user to control the machine. It can also include a flexible circuit for less expensive alternatives. Another layer will contain the printed circuit which allows a signal to be transmitted. The ink that is used for the printing on the circuit is generally made up of a variety of metals. This helps for the signal to be conductive for turning on and off. Membrane switches allow for communication to take place in electronic devices. Membrane switches are a piece of equipment that can be highly sophisticated or rather simple by design.

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