Electronic Induction Touch Screen Printer Panel

working voltage: 50VDC

working current: less than 100mA

Contact resistance: 0.5~10 ohm

insulation resistance: 100M ohm (100VDC)

Substrate withstand voltage: 2kDVC...

Product Details

Eletronic Induction Touch Screen Printer Panel

Electrical properties            

1, working voltage: 50VDC

2, working current: less than 100mA

3, Contact resistance: 0.5~10 ohm

4, insulation resistance: 100M ohm (100VDC)

5, Substrate withstand voltage: 2kDVC

6, the return time: less than 6ms

7, 50, 150: loop resistance Omega Omega 350, Omega 3, or the user needs to determine

8, insulation ink pressure: 100VDC


Mechanical properties            

1, reliability service life: > 1 million times

2, closed displacement: 0.1~0.4mm (no tactile type)            0.4~1.0mm

3, the standard force: 15~750g force

4, silver slurry migration: at 55, 90%, 56 hours later, the second line is 10M /50VDC

5, No oxidation and impurity on the silver paste line

6, silver line width is larger than 0.3mm, the minimum interval 0.3mm, line edges < 1/3 < 1/4, line gap width

7, pin spacing standard 2.54, 2.50, 1.27 1.25mm

8, lead line resistance, with d = 10mm steel stick rolling 80 lines constantly.

Environmental performance

1, working temperature: from-20 DEG C ~ 70

2, storage temperature: 40 DEG C temperature 85 95% + 5%

3, atmospheric pressure: 86 ~ 106KPa


Printing properties       

1, printing size deviation + 0.10mm, contour line is not clear, the difference is 0.1mm

2, the color deviation is + 0.11mm/100mm, the insulation ink covered all the silver paste line

3, no ink powder, handwriting is not incomplete

4, color difference is not greater than two

5, no crease, paint off

6, transparent window transparent and clean, uniform color, no scratches, pinholes, impurities.

The electrical properties of window display panel

Eletronic Induction Touch Screen Printer Panel1916.png

Membrane switch panel

Eletronic Induction Touch Screen Printer Panel1940.png

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