Touch The Technical Bottleneck Of The Switch

- Jan 25, 2018 -

Touch switch is an intelligent control of the wall switch, itself consumes a certain amount of power, in standby, because the single fire intelligent switch standby power through the electronic ballast current to the intelligent wall switch control circuit, if Standby input current will result in a small standby circuit can not work, if the standby input current will lead to electronic ballasts will be closed after the cold flash incandescent red filament and other issues. At work, because the single fire intelligent switch work to take electricity through the switch off when the two ends of the differential pressure to take power when the switch is closed when there is no pressure difference can not take power, this will lead to open the control circuit Loss of control problems. Therefore, the technical problem of single-wire touch switch to take power has always existed. It is very difficult to research and develop micro-power single-wire standby power supply and working power supply circuit. So far this is still the most important technical bottleneck restricting the development of single-wire touch switch at home and abroad.

To achieve a true capacitive touch-sensitive touch switch, you need a stable single-wire power supply processing and stable and reliable touch-sensitive chip, to prevent false triggering, anti-electromagnetic interference, load interference, environmental interference, and even waterproof and dustproof smart touch Switch function requirements, integrated sensor touch system solutions is the industry's technical problems.

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