Touch Switch Features

- Jan 25, 2018 -

LED backlight touch-button switch control, the standard pattern is clear and easy to understand, the light level instructions allow guests to control in any light, in line with international trends for easy night identification. Work as a blu-ray background, not working for the soft orange shimmering background.

EEPROM permanent preservation of parameter design

Under special circumstances, the product can permanently save the set parameters when the product is powered down.

Switch control safety

Electronic control, the use of imported intelligent IC electronic control, cutting-edge technology process technology, no arc, wet hand operation;

The panel is durable

High-strength tempered glass glass panel waterproof, scratch-resistant, anti-aging;

Zero fire single fire power supply

Zero-fire power supply, the use of stable and reliable, suitable for controlling the type of lighting, such as white knitting light, LED lights, energy-saving lamps.

Touch switch transformer buck method

With the existing market, the use of touch-down switch capacitance-buck different, GREE touch control switches are used transformer and switching power supply step-down, safe, stable, reliable and durable.

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