Touch Switch Classification

- Jan 25, 2018 -

Touch switch, is a new product development and progress of science and technology. He generally refers to the application of touch-sensitive chip design of a wall switch, is the traditional mechanical switch wall switch products. To achieve more intelligent, more convenient operation of the touch switch with unparalleled advantages of traditional switches, is currently a very popular household products, a decorative switch.

Touch switches classified according to the principle of the switch resistive touch switches and capacitive touch switches, according to the wiring is divided into single-wire touch switch and two-wire touch switch (FireWire and zero line). From a global perspective, the vast majority of countries are using single-fire system wiring rules, therefore, single-wire touch switch is currently mainstream products. Two-wire touch switch because of the need to re-wiring installation, and even through the wall borehole, the market is rarely used, will be gradually eliminated by the market.

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