Touch Sensor

- May 30, 2018 -

Touch Sensor

Definition - What does Touch Sensor mean?

A touch sensor is a type of equipment that captures and records physical touch or embrace on a device and/or object. It enables a device or object to detech touch, typically by a human user or operator.

A touch sensor may also be called a touch detector.

Techopedia explains Touch Sensor

A touch sensor primarily works when an object or individual gets in physical contact with it. Unlike a button or other more manual control, touch sensors are more sensitive, and are often able to respond differently to different kinds of touch, such as tapping, swiping and pinching. Touch sensors are used in consumer tech devices such as smartphones and tablet computers. Typically, touch sensors are used as a means to take input from the user. Each physical stroke that a touch sensor records is sent to a processing unit/software that processes it accordingly. For example, when navigating through a smartphone or using an application, the touch sensor captures the human touches or the applied pressure across the screen. Each interaction with the user across the screen might have a different meaning for the device and/or the application.

Touch-Sensitive User Interface Design, Integration & Manufacturing

Touch-sensitive user interface design and production are complex. TouchSensor is the solutions provider with expertise in touch technologies, lighting, displays, and decorative fascia. We integrate this deep knowledge for our customers via new product launch support, world-class quality and manufacturing systems.

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