Touch Screen Technology - How It Works

- Jun 14, 2018 -

Touch Screen Technology - How It Works

There are three components used in touch screen technology:

  • The touch sensor is a panel with a touch responsive surface. Systems are built based on different types of sensors: resistive (most common),  surface acoustic wave, and capacitive (most smartphones). However, in general, sensors have an electrical current running through them and      touching the screen causes a voltage change. The voltage change signals the location of the touching.

  • The controller is the hardware that converts the voltage changes on the sensor into signals the computer or another device can receive.

  • Software tells the computer, smartphone, game device, etc, what's happening on the sensor and the information coming from the controller.  Who's touching what where; and allows the computer or smartphone to react accordingly.

Of course, the technology works in combination with a computer, smartphone, or another type of device.

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