The Application Of Chip Inductors

- Jan 25, 2018 -

The application of SMD inductors is very wide, we all know that, generally used in computers, LED, automotive products, wireless remote control and other electronic equipment.

There are a series of digital cameras, LCD TVs, etc. Therefore, the market demand for chip inductors is generally the source of intelligent terminals.

Because there is no chip inductors pin, very suitable for small devices, do not need artificial plug-ins, efficiency can be greatly enhanced. At the same time, chip inductors than the plug-in inductor power function and permeability also have better stability, in the life, the chip inductor is still longer than the plug-inductor life.

Magnetic shielding is also more conducive to increasing its permeability, in the automotive field of intelligence, medical equipment, electronic equipment has occupied an indispensable low.

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