Printed Circuit Board Surface Mount Technology

- Jan 25, 2018 -

Printed Circuit Board Surface Mount Technology - After the electronics manufacturer purchases the PCB back to the PCB, it first sends the PCB board to the surface mount technology production line. The printed circuit board affixed device test OK after the assembly of electronic products. Circuit board surface mount technology according to different manufacturers will have a different choice, large companies are using fully automated packaging technology.

PCB Manufacturing Surface Mount Technology (SMT) Using the PCB Phase We also call the PCBA or surface mount, PCB, or PCB stage for the QFP (fquad flat package) and BGA-to-BGA devices. Since entering the mid-1980s to the mid-90s, the late, PCB circuit board companies have completed by the through-hole insertion technology circuit board to surface mount technology with the technological transformation of circuit boards, and entered the heyday of the production period, this stage The main feature is plated through hole only plays the role of electrical interconnection. Therefore, to improve the PCB density is mainly to minimize the size of plated-through holes and the use of buried blind hole structure as the main way.

General and canonial electronic components QFP as shown in Figure 1-1, most of the four-pin QFP I / O number between 64 to 304, Figure 1-1 is a square QFP I / O number is 208, 52 I / Os per side. As a result, the electrical interconnect density of the PCB is greatly increased compared to THT's DIP devices.

PCB circuit board manufacturing has a bearing on the PCB surface has played an important role in the past, if the front of the circuit board production of bad quality problems will be severely affected the quality and efficiency of the surface package, so the PCB circuit board inspection must be in the good quality off , Eliminate bad products into the hands of customers.

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