North Carolina State University Has Developed A New Method For Direct Printing Of Metal Circuits For Flexible Electronics

- Jan 25, 2018 -

Researchers are making progress in bringing flexible technology to consumers. This prototype demonstrates the potential for implementing new technologies for flexible, ductile circuit printing.

A research team at North Carolina State University announced that they have developed a new method of directly printing metal circuits for flexible electronics. For existing manufacturing systems that currently use direct printing technology, the team hopes to provide a more efficient way to produce high-resolution circuits for use in commercial equipment by using a variety of substrates and metals compatible with it.

The team found that when the circuit was printed on a polymer substrate, it was bent 1000 times, the conductivity remained unchanged. The circuit also stays stable when stretched to 70% of the tensile strain, and the circuit can even heal itself if it bends or stretches beyond its tolerance.

Mr. Dong explained that the low melting point allows the circuit to heat up to about 70 ° C so the metal can flow together and repair the damage. "We have demonstrated the resilience and functionality of our approach and we are ready to work with the industry to implement technologies for making wearable sensors or other electronic devices," said Mr. Dong.

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