Metal Dome PCB Switches: What Are They, What Do They Do?

- Jun 20, 2018 -

A Definition of Metal Dome PCB Switch

Metal domes, also referred to as metal snap domes or tactile metal domes, are made of stainless steel, or manufacturers may offer gold plating when necessary. They are momentary switch contacts that become normally-open tactile switches when used in conjunction with a printed circuit board (PCB), FPC circuit, or silver flex membrane switch. Metal dome PCB switches may be divided into circular (round), four-leg, triangle, oblong, or custom shapes. Metal domes may be incorporated into a wide range of applications including mobile phones, test equipment, industrial controls, diagnostic equipment, and measurement equipment, among others.

Metal Dome PCB Switch.jpg

Circular  Metal Domes

Circular metal domes may also be called round metal domes or circle tactile domes. They are round in shape and can only be used in circuit boards of two or more layers or in a precision switch.

Applications requiring a low profile switch under a membrane overlay, or keypad, are perfect for circular metal domes. They also may be used in smaller spaces than four-leg domes and have longer life cycles than triangle domes.

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