Apple To Give All Mobile Computers Are Replaced By Flexible Circuit Board, Which Is What?

- Jan 25, 2018 -

December 3, KGI Securities analyst Kwok Ming-kwan in the latest release of the investor report said that Apple next year will be in the Mac notebook, Apple Watch, iPad and other products using a new generation of flexible circuit boards.

The report said Apple has begun working with flexible circuit board maker Career to develop new MacBook notebooks designed to increase notebook internal room utilization and data transfer capabilities.

However, the flexibility here does not mean that the circuit board can be bent directly.

Common green PCB circuit board is mainly made of polyimide (PI) material wrapped copper foil. In order to make it lighter and lighter, the thickness of the copper foil on the circuit board for data transmission is gradually reduced from a thickness of 12 micrometers to an ultra-thin rolled copper foil of 6 to 9 micrometers.

As the high-speed data interface requirements of the circuit board must be able to withstand up and down 5G per second transmission speed. High-speed transmission, ultra-thin copper foil will produce high temperatures.

Due to the difference between the film thermal conductivity of polyimide (PI) and copper foil. Eventually lead to PCB circuit board warpage, affecting the transmission speed.

The new flexible circuit board uses a liquid crystal polymer called LCP to make. Since LCP is a liquid crystal material, it is possible to control the direction of molecular orientation to adjust the coefficient of thermal expansion to finally achieve the performance close to that of copper foil so as to avoid a higher speed of transfer due to substrate warpage at high temperature. Let MacBook and other products for faster USB 3.2 and the next generation Thunderbolt interface.

At the same time, LCP LCD material also allows the circuit board folding resistance, heat transfer and moisture resistance has been improved. Used in the antenna module, but also can withstand more electromagnetic frequency attenuation.

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