Touch Panel Remote Control

1. The working voltage: 50V (DC)

2. The working current: less than 100mA

3. Contact resistance: 0.5~10 ohm 3

4. The insulation resistance is not less than 100M (100V/DC)...

Product Details

Touch Panel Remote Control

Technology parameters

Electrical properties

1. The working voltage: 50V (DC)

2. The working current: less than 100mA

3. Contact resistance: 0.5~10 ohm 3

4. The insulation resistance is not less than 100M (100V/DC)


Mechanical properties            

1. reliability and service life: 300 thousand times            

2. No oxidation, no impurity on the silver paste line            

3. pin distance standard 2.54 2.50 1.27 1.25mm tolerance positive and negative 0.05 Environmental performance            

4. The working temperature: - 20 to +70 DEG C            

5. High temperature: the film switch can be used normally after 55 + 2 C, after 24 hours of high temperature and 2 hours under normal atmospheric conditions.            

6. Low temperature: the membrane pass passes -10 + 3 degrees, and it takes 16 hours after the low temperature action, it recovers 2 hours under normal atmospheric condition. It can wipe out the surface water droplet, and it can be used normally.            

7. The storage temperature: - 20 to +85℃           

8. The storage temperature test is the same as the working temperature

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Remote Control Panel

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Manufacturer: Xiamen santexing Electronics Co., Ltd.

Address: Xinrong mansion, No. 54, Huli Avenue, Xiamen, Fujian, China

A production workshop

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