What is Inductor Original?

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Stack of dimes inductor is a device that inducts electrical energy to be stored as magnetic energy.whipple inductor is similar to a transformer in structure, but has only one winding.Inductor has certain inductance, it only blocks the change of current.If the inductor is in a state where there is no current, it will try to block the current from flowing through it when the circuit is switched on.If the inductor is in a current state, it will try to keep the current constant when the circuit is disconnected.Inductor also called choke, reactor, dynamic reactor.

The development of Inductor Original

The most primitive inductor was the iron core coil used by m. Faraday of England in 1831 to discover electromagnetic induction.In 1832, j. Henry of the United States published a paper on self-induction.The unit of inductance is called Henry for short.In the mid-19th century, inductors were used in telegraphy, telephone and other devices.The inductors used in the experiments of H.R. Hertz in Germany in 1887 and N.

Structure of Inductor Original

Inductors generally consist of a frame, winding, shield, packaging material, magnetic core or iron core.

1. The skeleton skeleton frame refers to the bracket that wraps the coil.Some large fixed inductor or adjustable inductance (e.g., oscillation coil, choke coil, etc.), the most is the enameled wire (or cotton covered) around on the skeleton, then core or copper core and core into the frame of inner chamber, in order to improve its inductance.The skeleton is usually made of plastic, bakelite and ceramic, which can be made into different shapes according to actual needs.Small inductors (such as color code inductors) typically do not use a frame, but simply wrap the enameled wire around the core.Hollow inductor (also called coil or hollow coil, and more used in high frequency circuit) without core, skeleton, and shield, etc., but around on the mold first and then take off the mold, and the coil away a certain distance between each circle.

2. Winding refers to a set of coils with specified functions, which are the basic components of inductors.The winding is divided into single layer and multi layer.There are two types of single-layer winding: dense winding (one circuit of the wire is next to another) and inter-winding (there is a certain distance between each circuit of the wire during winding).Multi - layer winding has layer winding, random winding, honeycomb winding method and so on.

3, the core and the iron core and magnetic bar generally USES nickel zinc ferrite (NX series) or manganese zinc ferrite (MX series), and other materials, it has the "workers" glyph, cylindrical, helmet, "E" shape, cylindrical shape.

4. Core materials mainly include silicon steel sheet and permo alloy, and its appearance is mostly "E" type.

5, shield In order to avoid some inductors magnetic field influence at work and other circuit components to work properly, increased for the metal screen cover (for example, the transistor radio oscillation coil, etc.).The inductor with shield will increase the loss of coil and reduce the Q value.

6. After winding some inductors (such as color code inductors, color ring inductors, etc.), the coil and magnetic core are sealed with the packaging materials.The packaging materials are made of plastic or epoxy resin.

Classification of inductance

Self inductance device

When a current passes through the coil, a magnetic field is generated around the coil.When the coil current changes, the surrounding magnetic field also produce corresponding change, the change of magnetic field can make the coil itself produces inductive electromotive force (induced electromotive force) (electromotive force to voltage of the active components of ideal power supply), that is the feeling.

An electronic component, usually called an inductance coil, that is wound by a wire and has a certain number of turns and can generate a certain amount of inductance or mutual inductance.In order to increase the inductance value, improve the quality factor and reduce the volume, the iron core or magnetic core made of ferromagnetic materials are often added.The basic parameters of inductors include inductance, quality factor, natural capacitance, stability, current passing and frequency of use.An inductor consisting of a single coil is called a self-inductor, and its self-inductance is also called the self-inductor coefficient.


When two inductor coils are close to each other, the magnetic field change of one inductor coils will affect the other inductor coils, and this effect is mutual inductance.The size of mutual inductance depends on the degree of coupling between the inductance coil and two inductor coils.

Inductor Original

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