What is FPC flexible printed circuit?

- Nov 06, 2018 -

The flexible printed circuit board is mainly composed of the following parts:

Copper foil substrate: The common material structure is copper foil plus core layer. Copper foil: Divided into electrolytic copper and rolled copper. Core layer: Commonly known as polyimide (pi).

Protective film: For surface insulation. Commonly used material structure is polyimide (pi) plus adhesive epoxy thermosetting adhesive.

Reinforce: Strengthen the mechanical strength of flexible printed circuit boards.

As a special pcb, fpc has the following advantages:

High wiring density, simple combination, and low cost of the board;

Thin thickness and light weight, effectively reducing the volume of the product and reducing the weight of the product;

It can be folded for dynamic flexing and 3d stereo mounting. It has high reliability and strong heat dissipation, which is convenient for high integration and high performance of electronic products.


According to the number of layers of the conductive copper foil, the flexible pcb can be divided into a single layer board, a double board, a double layer board, a multi-layer board, and the like.

A single layer flexible board is the simplest flexible board. From bottom to top are: Substrate, adhesive, copper foil, adhesive, protective film. Reinforcement can be added to the lowest level as needed.

Both sides of the double panel have pads that are primarily used for connections to other boards. From the bottom to the top are: A protective film, an adhesive, a copper foil, an adhesive, a substrate, an adhesive, a copper foil, an adhesive, and a protective film.

Double-layer boards and multi-layer boards when the circuit of the circuit is more complicated and the single-layer board cannot be wired, it is necessary to use a double-layer board or a multi-layer board.

The difference between a multi-layer board and a single-layer board is that the multi-layer board has a via structure added to join the layers of copper foil. From bottom to top are: Substrate, adhesive, copper foil, adhesive... Protective film.

FPC Flexible Printed Circuit

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