What is Capacitive touch screen monitor?

- Jun 06, 2018 -


Touch installation with fingers or other objects in front of the Touch screen monitor, then the system according to the fingers touch the icon or menu to locate the position to choose input for the touch screen by the touch detection unit and a touch screen controller.


Basic introduction of Touch screen computer

For the convenience of operation, people use the touch screen to replace the mouse or keyboard when working.The Touch screen system is installed in front of the display screen to detect the touch position of the user and send it to the touch screen controller after acceptance.The main function of controller and touch screen from the touch point detection device to receive touch information, and convert it to touch point coordinate, then to the CPU, it also can receive commands from the CPU and enforce them.


 History of Touch screen pc 

Sam hirst, a lecturer at an American university, made the Latest touch technology in his workshop in 1971.When Sam every day because of work relations to deal with a large number of graphic data, and therefore, he wanted to invent a can improve the work efficiency of equipment, through the graphics on the tablet or pen pressure on the tablet can save image data.So there was the first touch screen, the AccuTouch.In 1973, industrial research magazine named touch-screen technology one of the "100 most important new technology products" and predicted that it would be widely used.Among the 100 favored technology products were the then humble mouse and hard drive, which are now also widely used.Sam then set up his own company and worked with Siemens to develop a range of touchscreens for military electronics, such as radar and military surveillance equipment.Until 1982, when Sam's company in the United States consumer electronics exhibition 33 TV set installed touch screen, that civilians "touch" with their hands for the first time to magic touch screen, have caused a big stir.


Functional classification

(1) Infrared touch screen

(2) Capacitive touch screen

(3) Resistive touch screens

(4) Surface acoustic touch screen

Capacitive Touch Screen Monitor

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