What is acrylic panels?

- Jul 03, 2018 -

Acrylic is also called the special treatment of organic glass, organic glass products, made of acrylic light box has good pervious to light performance, color pure, rich colors, beautiful smooth, balancing both day and night effect, long service life, does not affect the use, etc.


In addition, acrylic and aluminum profiles, advanced screen printing, and so on can be a perfect combination, meet the needs of businesses, acrylic blister is to improve the operating stores class, one of the best outdoor advertising form unified corporate image.

"ACRYLIC" is a transliteration words, English is ACRYLIC.It's a chemical material.Chemical name is called "PMMA" belongs to polyacrylate, commonly known as "after special treatment of organic glass", in the application industry of acrylic materials generally in the form of particles, plates, pipes, etc.


Acrylic by English transliteration, Acrylic and methacrylic acid chemicals known.Including monomer, plank, aggregate, resin and composite material, acrylic by methyl acid methyl ester monomer (MMA) polymerization, namely polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) sheet Organic Glass, "Organic Glass" from the brand name "Oroglas" (a kind of PMMA plate), taken from the "Organic Glass" (i.e., Organic Glass).


Acrylic plastic history

The common name for special treatment of organic glass.The research and development of acrylic acid has a history of more than 100 years.The polymerization of acrylic acid was discovered in 1872.In 1880, the polymerization of methacrylate was known.The synthesis of propylene polyacrylate was completed in 1901.In 1927, the above synthesis method was used to try industrial manufacturing.In 1937, the manufacture and development of methyl acid lipid industry were successful, which led to large-scale manufacturing.During the second world war, because of the excellent toughness and light transmittance of acrylic, it was first applied to the windscreen of aircraft, the vision mirror of tank driver's cab.The birth of the world's first acrylic bathtub in 1948 marked a new milestone in the application of acrylic acid.


The characteristics of acrylic art panels

Good weathering and acid and alkaline resistance, and will not be caused by years of weathering and rain, but yellowing and hydrolysis

Long life, compared with other materials, more than three years

Good light transmittance, up to 92% above, the required light intensity is small, saving electricity

Strong impact resistance, 16 times more than ordinary glass, suitable for installation in special need of safety

Good insulation performance, suitable for all kinds of electrical equipment

Light weight, less than half the weight of ordinary glass, less load on buildings and supports

The colors are bright and bright, which cannot be compared with other materials

Plasticity is strong, modelling change is big, processing is formed easily

The high recycling rate is recognized by the increasing environmental awareness

Easy to maintain, easy to clean, rain water can be naturally clean, or with soap and soft cloth scrubbing can be

1. Excellent transparency

Colorless transparent plexiglass sheet, the transmittance of more than 92%

2. Excellent weather resistance

It has strong adaptability to the natural environment. Even if it is exposed to sunlight for a long time, wind and rain will not change its performance

3. Good processing performance

It is suitable for both mechanical processing and hot forming

4. Excellent comprehensive performance

acrylic panels for shower board variety, color is rich, and has extremely excellent comprehensive performance, provides a wide variety of choices for the designers, can be dyed acrylic board, the surface can spray paint, silk screen, or vacuum coating

5. Non-toxic and harmless even in long-term contact with people, but incomplete combustion will produce formaldehyde and carbon monoxide

6. The linear expansion coefficient of cast plate is about 7x10-5m/m.K.

Acrylic panels for windows has the reputation of "plastic crystal".And has excellent weatherability, especially used in outdoor, in the other plastics, and have good surface hardness and gloss, machining plasticity is big, can be made into various shapes and the product you need.Another variety of plate color rich (including translucent color plate), another feature is thick plate can still maintain high transparency.

Acrylic Panels

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