What is a pvc film?

- Jul 18, 2018 -

The main component of PVC is polyvinyl chloride, which is light yellow and translucent. Transparency is better than polyethylene, polypropylene, difference in polystyrene, along with the different dosage of additives, can be divided into soft and hard polyvinyl chloride (PVC), soft soft, tough, feel sticky, hard ware hardness is higher than that of low density polyethylene, but lower than that of polypropylene, can appear in the inflectional bleaching. Common products: board, pipe, sole, toys, doors and Windows, wire covers, stationery, etc. A polymer material that USES a chlorine atom instead of a hydrogen atom in polyethylene.


Concept of pvc film

The surface and shape of the goods will give a first impression. In this sense, the market prospect of PVC film is very promising. And, in fact, with the development of the era, PVC is with its good performance, simple process and many other advantages gradually won the favor of people, has been more and more people have accepted and approved, is the darling of the construction industry in the European and American countries PVC, PVC can be found everywhere in People's Daily life. PVC can represent not only the color of nature, but also the color of people's imagination. In Germany, 40% of the furniture are made of PVC for the surface material, see the colour and lustre is natural, colorful, diverse, beautiful patterns, style elegance and luxury desk, bookcase, sofa, hutch ark, who also won't put them and street devastated "white trash" lenovo together, more not think it is PVC blister film give them such beautiful coat.


Process of pvc film applications

There are two important reasons why pvc film uses in the building materials industry:

The first is the unique performance of PVC (rain proof, fireproof, antistatic, easy to be formed), the second is the characteristics of low input and high output of PVC. So, why does PVC have these two advantages? Let's find the answer from its manufacturing process.

PVC production process is not complicated, ordinary line generally by a rolling machine, printing machine, coating machine and cutting machine back, mainly through the mixing of moving roller, roller rotation and hot rolling to produce 0.3 mm to 0.7 mm thickness of thin film, the production at the same time and through the printer on the membrane of the front design and color, back through the coater attach a back coating layer on the back of the membrane. Don't underestimate the back coating. It is an important guarantee for the high quality of PVC film. Back coating is composed of special materials, is a kind of high affinity agent, it is because of this layer coating, PVC film can be tightly and Micronesia board or other board together, ten years or fifteen years does not glue. And the biggest problem of common sticking mask is that it can't solve the problem of film shedding. Since the whole production process is carried out at high temperature (the temperature in the roller press reaches 220 degrees), the PVC film has high light resistance and fire resistance, which ensures the high quality of the PVC film. Of course, the requirements for production machines are very high. The cost of production equipment for a production line is usually about dm 39 million, or about RMB 160 million. On the other hand, the production process of PVC film is quite simple and the machine output is very large. Therefore, from a comprehensive perspective, PVC is actually a low-input and high-output product.

 Electronic Printing PVC Film

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