Touch switch principle

- Jan 25, 2018 -

The basic principle is: human body charged with the same frequency, when the human body touch or touch the switch, the input buffer level of clipping, amplification, shaping, become the standard MOS level.

Touch the duration of more than 32 milliseconds, less than 332 milliseconds, the control logic part of the control circuit was the switch state. When the touch duration is more than 332 milliseconds, the control logic part of the control circuit is dimming working state, the output trigger pulse phase angle changes continuously between 41 ° ~ 159 °, and according to the human eye's sensibility, it is divided into fast and slow And suspend the three processes.

When the touch is over, the brightness memory memorizes the phase angle at that time. If the touch is greater than 32 milliseconds and less than 332 milliseconds, the phase angle is still stored by the part when the circuit is in the off state, and when the circuit is in the next on state , Maintain the original selected phase angle, the light source to maintain the original brightness. Trigger pulse and mains synchronization, by the phase-locked loop circuit to ensure the working clock, but also by its generation. At the same time, the circuit also has the function of remote control (remote triggering) and gradually falling asleep (that is, from light to dark, and finally closed) function, the duration of which is set by the external circuit.

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