Teach you to make PCB three ways

- Jan 25, 2018 -

First, the carving method:

This method is the most direct. The design of the copper foil with a copy paper, rewritten to the copper clad copper surface, the use of hacksaw blade grinding special engraving tool directly on the CCL along the edge of the copper foil graphics hard to describe, as far as possible cutting to the depths, And then tear off the unwanted copper foil outside the graphics, and then drill the hole with a flashlight on it. The key to this method is: to depict the intensity should be enough; to tear off excess copper from the edge of the plate, the operation is good, you can gradually tear into pieces, you can use a small needle nose pliers to complete this step. Some small circuit experimental version suitable for this method of production.

Second, the map method:

① pre-cut symbol method

The electronic shop sells a "standard pre-cut symbols and tape", the pre-cut symbols commonly used specifications are D373 (0D-2.79, ID-0.79), D266 (0D-2.00, ID-0.80), D237 (OD-3.50, ID-1.50) and so on, it is best to buy paper-based materials (black), plastic-based (red) materials try not to use. Tape commonly used specifications are 0.3,0.9,1.8,2.3,3.7 and so on. All units are millimeters. According to the circuit design layout, choose the appropriate symbols and tape, paste the copper foil on the copper surface. With a little soft hammer, such as smooth rubber, plastic and other beat map, so that full adhesion with the copper foil. Strike key lines at the corner, lap at. When the weather is cold, it is best to use the heater to warm the surface to enhance the adhesion effect. Post a good corrosion process can be carried out.

② stickers paper map method (recommended)

Use Protel or PADS and other design software to draw the printed board diagram, with a needle printer output to the self-adhesive paper, the self-adhesive paper has been done on the copper foil cleaning has been done, cut with a cutting blade along the outline of the line , Will be required to erode some of the pieces of paper. Into iron chloride trichloride solution corrosion, cleaning, drying can be put into use. This method is similar to the carving method, but a lot of effort than the carving method to save, and can guarantee the beauty and precision printed wire!

Third, stamp method:

Put the wax paper on the steel plate, engrave the circuit diagram on the wax paper 1: 1 with a pen, cut the circuit board engraved on the wax paper according to the circuit board size, cut the wax paper on the printed copper plate. Take a small amount of paint and talcum into a thin thick appropriate printed material, with a brush dipped in printed material, evenly coated on the wax paper, repeated several times, the printed circuit board can be printed. This stereotype can be used repeatedly, suitable for small batch production. Tip: The use of photoelectric stamp machine, according to the design drawings can be automatically made into 1: 1 size stencil.

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