Switching power supply transformer quality is good or bad common inspection items

- Jan 25, 2018 -

Switching power supply transformer is joined the power transformer switch, in addition to the ordinary transformer voltage conversion function, but also both the insulation and power transmission functions are generally used in switching power supply and other places involving high-frequency circuits. The quality of the switching power supply inspection items including transformer insulation test, check the transformer winding the same name side, testing no-load current, short-circuit fault detection, coil off, the detection of the primary coil and other projects on these projects should be how To test it?

Switching power supply transformer insulation test.

With multimeter R × 10k block were measured core and primary, primary and secondary, core and the secondary, electrostatic shielding layer and the secondary and secondary winding resistance between the secondary, multimeter pointer should mean that in the infinite position is not move. Otherwise, indicating transformer insulation performance is not good.

Detection and identification of the winding end of the same name.

In the use of power transformers, sometimes in order to obtain the required secondary voltage, two or more secondary windings can be used in series. The use of tandem method using the power transformer, to join the series of the windings of the same name side must be properly connected, can not make a mistake. Otherwise, the transformer can not work normally.

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