Intelligent switch features

- Jan 25, 2018 -

Intelligent switch is installed on the basis of the ordinary switch, single-wire control, ordinary electrician can be installed. Each switch can be said to be a single centralized controller. Installation without adding any other equipment, quick and easy installation. We are more receptive.

1, mutual control: all the lights in the room can be controlled on each switch, each switch can control up to 27 Road.

2, the lighting shows: the status of all the lights in the room will be displayed on each switch.

3, a variety of operations: can be standard manual, infrared remote control, remote operation (in other rooms can control the room lights).

Example 1: Before going to sleep at night, find that the child's room light is still on. You can immediately know which child's room light is on by the smart switch in your room. You can then manually or remotely control the smart switch in your room control.

Example 2: If villas or penthouse users, due to large housing, often back to his room when the rest, suddenly thought of the other room lights did not turn off, the smart switch will have lighting display and off-site control is a good solution to such problems.

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