High-frequency transformer ignition arc should be how to deal with

- Jan 25, 2018 -

High-frequency transformer arc refers to the voltage exceeds the air resistance of the air ionization into a conductor that is generated arc Arc generally around the insulator along the surface of the insulator will produce damage to the insulator Such as arc high temperature will melt insulator Or fragmented. Pitch as indicated on the switch rated short-circuit breaking current 20KA, said the short circuit within 20KA arc extinguishing contact thermal element action and so effective beyond the limit trip terminal arc extinguishing thermal element action is not guaranteed, will have arc.

General high-frequency transformer ignition arc but can work properly, we must go to test ARCING.But if you can not work properly, then go to measure HI-POT (may be the coil ignition coil short circuit, or the coil on the core Ignition short circuit.) Under normal circumstances in the production of high-frequency transformers HI-POT and ARCING must be tested.

HI-POT test is mainly to test the transformer is damaged and the transformer can withstand the rated voltage demand, while the ARCING test is specifically for arc discharge test, is to detect the presence of arcing anywhere in the transformer to avoid because of arc discharge Transformer life shortened.Generally high-frequency transformer ARCING test levels are set to 6, which is 5.5mA.

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