High-frequency transformer coil using flat copper and Litz wire each have their own advantages and disadvantages?

- Jan 25, 2018 -

From the current high-frequency transformer products point of view, there is no flat copper belt to do. If you use a flat copper strip, you need to do very flat and very flat, this is very difficult in terms of manufacturing process, or in the high-frequency state, conductor eddy current loss will be very large. The current high frequency are basically using Litz wire, thus avoiding eddy current loss under high frequency.

Look at the size of the core and the current size of the comparison to determine the use of Litz wire or copper band. Current is not large with Leeds line, with a large current copper.

The advantage of the Litz wire is that the process is relatively simple with respect to the copper strip; the disadvantage is that if the current is too large, the number of Litz wires needed is too much and the process cost may be higher than the copper strip.

The design of the copper strip is similar to the design of the Litz wire. First, determine how large the current is. Determine the current density according to the temperature rise requirement. Divide the current by the current density to get the required cross-sectional area. Calculate the required wire according to the cross-sectional area. The difference is that the cross-sectional area of the Litz wire is the sum of multiple circles and the copper strip is rectangular.

Copper belt relative Liz line

Advantages: very suitable for use in one or two windings, high space utilization, small leakage inductance, high current resistance

Disadvantages: high cost, not suitable for the number of laps, versatility is not good, difficult process

Calculation: Long by high area is the area, equivalent to the sum of all the Litz wire cross-sectional area

Flat copper ribbon can not be used in high frequency, because the frequency is too high, the skin effect will be more obvious, and the winding is very inconvenient. A bit is suitable for high current. The Leeds line is the opposite. High-frequency advantages, and winding convenience. However, high current prone to overload.

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