application of touch digitizer screen panel

- Nov 09, 2018 -

With the increasing number of multimedia information inquiry devices, people are increasingly talking about touch digitizer screen panel , because touch screens are not only suitable for the national conditions of multimedia information inquiry in china, but also have many advantages such as strong and durable, fast response, space saving, and easy communication. With this technology, the user can operate the host computer by gently touching the icon or text on the display screen of the computer, thereby making the human-computer interaction more straightforward. This technology greatly facilitates those who do not understand computer operation.

The application of touch screen in china is very broad, mainly for the inquiry of public information; such as the business inquiry of the telecommunications bureau, the tax bureau, the bank, the electric power, etc.; the information inquiry of the city street; the application of the office, industrial control, military command, video games, ordering a la carte, multimedia teaching, real estate pre-sales, etc. In the future, the touch screen will also go into the family.

The touch screen's ease of use, ruggedness, fast response, space saving, etc., make system designers increasingly feel that the use of touch screens does have considerable advantages. Touch screens have appeared in the chinese market for only a few short years. This new multimedia device has not been touched and understood by many people, including some system designers who are planning to use touch screens. The equipment, from the popularization of the touch screen in developed countries and the stage in which the multimedia information industry in china is at present, this concept also has certain universality. In fact, the touch screen is a device that makes multimedia information or control a new face. It gives the multimedia system a new look and is an attractive new multimedia interactive device. System designers in developed countries and system designers who are the first to use touch screens in china have clearly understood that touch screens are no longer a dispensable thing for computers in various applications, but are essential equipment. It greatly simplifies the use of computers, and even those who know nothing about computers can still be able to make their computers more attractive. Solved the problems that computers cannot solve in the public information market.

Touch Digitizer Screen Panel

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