What We Do?

Xiamen San Te Xing electronics co., Ltd was established in 1998.

San Te Xin obtained another 4 new patents in 2015. And was authorized as national high-tech enterprise". We cooperate with Jimei university to establish innovation bases so that our company can keep growing and get more flourished.

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Hot Products
  • FPC Flexible Printed Circuit
    FPC Flexible Printed Circuit

    Design Files:protel autocad powerpcb orcad gerber or real circuit...

    Materials Type:...

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  • PET Flexible Printed Circuit
    PET Flexible Printed Circuit

    Flexible PCB are made of flexible material with or without protective cover. A flexible circuit...

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  • Adhesive Layer Panel Membrane Switch
    Adhesive Layer Panel Membrane Switch

    Most two-five layer membrane switch assemblies consist of the same basic elements. These include...

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  • LED Control Panel Membrane Switch
    LED Control Panel Membrane Switch

    A membrane switch is a momentary switching device that is manufactured by using a series of...

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  • Tactile Control Panel Switch
    Tactile Control Panel Switch

    raw material guarantee: the raw materials of the film switch panel are all imported PC, PET,...

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  • Surface PET Membrane Switch
    Surface PET Membrane Switch

    SanTeXing production of membrane switch product line includes: Membrane Switch Keypads, Membrane...

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  • Surface Silica Membrane Switch
    Surface Silica Membrane Switch

    1, key life: plane type >500 ten thousand times convex hull type >100 ten thousand times,...

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  • Touch Panel Remote Control
    Touch Panel Remote Control

    1. The working voltage: 50V (DC)

    2. The working current: less than 100mA


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